Idle Army

Idle Army

Idle Army

Brogames Role Playing

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IDLE ARMIES Cheats Unlocked / Beating more Bosses Android / iOS Gameplay

IDLE ARMIES Android / iOS Gameplay | First Taps :D

Let's Play Idle Armies (Gameplay - iOS)

Upgraded version of an easy-to-use, leave-alone RPG - keeps hunting even if you are just watching.
Event: At the time of installation, 1,000 jewels and Epic weapon items will be sent to you as an in-game gift box.
Hire various colleagues, create your own team, and build formations for battle.
Upgrade your character's stats, skills, and items with various rewards obtained by clearing the stage.
Upgrade your runes and equipment to a higher level through item composition.
Materials for Item enhancement and synthesis can be obtained every hour.
Compete against other players around the world through season ladders and various PvP showdowns.
Please refer to the in-game settings menu for transfering from other devices and other inquiries.
The transfer is possible only if you have logged in to the game via the same Google account.
We would appreciate it if you enjoy our game.

* Offline mode not available